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2024 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics - Bay Area, CA

    We plan on entering 18u girls, 18u boys, 16u girls, 16u Boys, 14u girls, 14u boys, 14u girls, 12u boys, 12u girls and 10u Coed team this summer.


     Junior Olympic Qualification will take place over one weekend per age group.  We need all of our athletes to be at all the qualifying games. During Junior Olympic Qualifications, each team can expect to play 6-9 games over the weekend. We must qualify to participate in the 2024 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics.


      Athletes wishing to be selected for our Junior Olympic must be affiliated with our Club, Northern California Aquatics Club #23991, Pacific Zone (#6), no later than seven days before the commencement of the zone qualification tournament. USWP is very strict on this, and there is no grace period.


All athletes must be gold members of USA Water Polo and have completed their one-time birth date verification.

Participating in the Junior Olympic Qualification Tournament and Junior Olympics will be additional fees. 


Junior Olympic Qualifications: ​

June 7 - June 9  (10u Mixed, 12u Boys, 12u Girls, 14u Boys and 14u Girls)

June 14 - 16- (16u Boys, 16u Girls, 18u Boys and 18u Girls)


2024 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics: 


July 20 - 23 (Bay Area, CA): 12u, 14u, 16u and 18u Boys

July 25 - 28 (Bay Area CA): 10u Coed, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u Girls

 Membership ID Check     Prior to each game, teams and athletes are now required to present verified rosters proving all athletes are current USA WP members and photo IDs to match those listed on the verified rosters. We can produce copies of NorCal Aquatics USA Water Polo Membership IDs and provide them to the coaches before a competition. We ask that all summer athletes double-check their USWP Membership account to ensure a current headshot is uploaded to every athlete. Uploading a headshot is a simple process detailed in everyone's USWP account, but if you have any questions, please email Coach Tasman.

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